Vote Impact: Visualizing the Influence of a Vote

My Role

Designer, Programmer, Researcher


Literature Review


HTML, CSS, Javascript


3 days


Just me!

Vote Impact is a site made to show the relative power of a vote for a legislator in US elections on a year when the president is being voted on vs a mid-term election. It was made in response to the results of the 2016 presidential elections and for a seminar on information visualization.

vote impact icon


Prototype an information visualization on a topic of your choice. I recruited a group of students who were also interested in the topic of persuading people to vote.


An interactive map that uses brushing to reveal information about relative vote power to sit in the center of a series of visualizations. The argument pieces were 1. People don’t vote 2. Since people don’t vote your vote can be worth more 3. Legislators are important.